“To recognise metaphors of life is a blessing. To create them is a reward.”

Inna Rogatchi
Inna Rogatchi (C). Ebbing, Tiding. Crayons a encre, oil pastel on authored original archival print on Arches Acquarelle 315 mg cotton paper. 30 x 42 cm. 2018-2019. The Rogatchi Art Collection. 

Travelling To Dream Country

Artist’s Statement

I came to practise art after intense writing, academic and film-making careers, all of it still being kept in my professional activities. Being lucky to live with a superb artist, my husband Michael Rogatchi, was and still will be a formative experience for me as an artist. Since the very beginning of my artistic efforts, two things were fundamental for me to apply in every of my works: philosophical dimension and poetic form of images created. With switching from fine art photography to original art, the third element was added: a strive for a dialogue with the images that appeared in my works. I want to know their stories which can appear in colours, angles or outlooks. They all have something to say.