Heart Maps

Baltic Edition

Heart Maps (C) is Inna Rogatchi’s project of public art visualising the cities in a personal way. The artist has created her collection of special images of lyrical interpretation of urban places for various purposes: large art panels, both for outside and inside exhibitions and displays , exclusive art posters and, material for art installations, etc.

The project is based on the artist’s special research into the history of the cities portrayed, with special attention towards historical maps, and with an artistic look into the character of each of the cities and the threads of modern life there.

The project is personal in the part of the choice of the cities portrayed. Inna decided to portray only the cities she knows, and more importantly, feels personally. Otherwise, the outcome might become too distant.

The core idea of the project is to experiment with two opposing domains: an urban reality existing and defined by a map that demonstrates ‘a body’ of a city, and a human perception of the place where he or she lives or visiting. Can it be compared? Can it be combined? Can a new image of well-known places be born as the result of this artistic quest? Hopefully so.

Each of us has different impressions from the places where we live or visiting, and from that perspective, Heart Maps is the artist’s own version of such perception. At the same time, Inna tried to learn the most characteristic threads of the places she have chosen to portray in this new way of artistic extrapolation.

In her Heart Maps, Inna Rogatchi used her own images to combine them with the maps of the places she has chosen after intense research of many existing maps. From her own creative images, the artist has chosen those which in her understanding expresses her perception of the places the best.

Heart Maps is ongoing project, with several Editions. In its first Baltic Edition are portrayed the cities of Finland, Baltic states and Scandinavia. Inna added StPetersburg there, because of all those places inter-belonging in their history, and also because they all are both grouped and united by their position next to the Baltic Sea which has provided its special and surprisingly meaningful, defining mark onto all of them, making them into a naturally inter-belonging and inter-communicating group.

The exhibitions of the Baltic Edition of the Heart Maps project is planned for the near future, with detailed essay by the artist, and various multidisciplinary additions.

Turku Colours. Turku, Finland. 2021.
Moikoinen Horizon. Turku, Finland. 2021.
Ruisalo Winds. Turku, Finland. 2021.
Naantali View. Naantali, Finland. 2021.
Rauma Lace. Rauma, 2021.
Helsinki Network. Helsinki, Finland. 2021.
Song in Blue & White. Helsinki, Finland. 2021.
Soul’s Journey. Porvoo, Finland. 2021.
View in Lilac. Espoo, Finland. 2021.
Tampere Flight. Tampere, Finland. 2021.
Hanko Route. Hanko, Finland. 2021.
Energy of Art. Savonlinna, Finland. 2021.
Stockholm song. Stockholm, Sweden. 2021.
Dreaming Andersen. Copenhagen, Denmark. 2021.
Oslo Vision. Oslo, Norway. 2021.
The Gold of Light. Reykjavik, Iceland. 2021.
Petersburg Silhouettes I. St Petersburg, Russia. 2021.
Old Time Charm. Tallinn, Estonia. 2021.
Daugava Walks. Riga, Latvia. 2021.
Jurmala Horizon. Jurmala, Latvia. 2021.
Castle View. Vilnius. Lithuania. 2021